First Spanish Words

Basic words are important. Learn the Spanish words that are used in almost every conversation. Repeat the primary words in Spanish.

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Spanish Sentences

Put the Spanish words into a sentence. Start learning how to ask basic questions and respond to questions in Spanish.

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Practice Spanish

Practice the Spanish phrases and words. Learn a new verb. Make notecards and continue to listen to Spanish speakers..

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Method for Learning Spanish

Learning a new language is vital and can be fun. Spanish is spoken by millions of people and in some European countries it is a required language to learn in school.

The Mona Lisa Method will teach you how to learn the basic words and phrases of Spanish that will allow you to understand and participate in a Spanish conversation.

Don’t forget to practice your new language. Just like toddlers learning to speak and form sentences. Repetition and short phrases must be learned to be comfortable with your new language, Spanish.

Mona Lisa Spanish

Next Steps…

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